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How to transport car in UK in Enclosed car trucks

How to transport car in UK in Enclosed car trucks

Needing your car transporting across the UK? Quinns Car Transport can help. If you’ve never used a transport car in UK in Enclosed car trucks before, you may not know what to expect. This is how transporting works.

Do your research

Before choosing a suitable car transport company, it’s wise to do your homework. Look at their website, see if they cover the area you need and if there are any reviews. You could phone them or send an enquiry form through if you have any questions. Quinns Car Transport has been in business for over 30 years, so you know you are in safe hands.

Receive a quote

Most transport car in UK will be able to give you a quote, or at least an estimate, of transporting your car. You will need to let them know the pick-up point and where you want it delivered so they can calculate the distance. They may request further information in order to provide a quote or estimate.

Inspection and to transport car in UK in Enclosed car trucks

When you decide on a company, they will carry out an inspection before moving your car. They will provide you with a copy of the report from this, which will detail its condition, both internally and externally, including any scratches or dents which are present. This is just in case any damage occurs during transit. Your mileage, dates for pick-up and delivery and fuel levels will also be recorded. It’s advisable to remove personal or loose items from the car in case of damage during transit.

All transport companies will have insurance in place for transporting cars which covers theft or damage. Make sure you know the insurance type and exactly what is covered before you sign the contract.

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1expressauto ophisticated tracking system allows us to keep customers up-to-date with estimated time of arrival. All our car transporters are satellite tracked, so you know when to expect your car arrival and we can inform you of any delays along the way and if you want to buy used enclosed trailers can be found at More trucks for transport.

Proof of Delivery to transport car

Our tracking system allows us to search the truck registration number so we can see where it is and provide you with a Proof of Delivery quickly and efficiently in Enclosed car trucks. This can be sent to the driver by the click of a button. You will sign this to say you are happy that the car has arrived in the same condition it left the pick-up point with you can find enclosed trailers at Rolfo.

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