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Auto transport international

Auto transport international

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Auto transport international from UK

Auto transport international from UK. The number one way you can save yourself a headache on moving day is to ensure you have all of your car’s documentation. You will need several documents to prove that the vehicle is yours. Keep originals and copies of the following documents together to ensure a smooth car shipping experience:

Proof of car insurance
Registration information
Your vehicle’s original title
Your passport and/or driver’s license for Auto transport international
The car’s bill of sale or another form of evidence that it belongs to you
Any other information you will need when you pick up the vehicle in your new country.

Washing your car before shipment will help you see any existing scratches or damage so that you can document them before shipping the vehicle. You will want to clean both the inside and the outside of the car before handing it off to your shipping company. In addition to helping you assess the damage, this step also makes shipping easier for the professionals and ensures you get the cleanest car possible when you arrive in your new country in Auto transport international from UK.


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After cleaning, remove all belongings in transport international, including satnav devices, insurance information, chargers, toll tags, and anything else you may be storing in the vehicle.

After you wash your vehicle and remove your belongings, you will want to take clear images to document existing damage for transport international from UK. Record any dents, scratches, faded or chipped paint, and then take good pictures of the entire vehicle. Before handing your car over, you’ll also want to note its current mileage.

The images you take will help you assess the car’s for Auto transport international condition when you pick it up in your new country. They will also be useful in the unlikely event that your vehicle is damaged during the shipping process.


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