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A Guide To Shipping Your Car Overseas from uk car export

Ein Leitfaden für den Versand Ihres Autos nach Übersee von uk car export

Versand Ihres Autos nach Übersee

Wenn Sie daran denken, Ihr Auto oder ein anderes Fahrzeug ins Ausland zu versenden, müssen Sie einige wichtige Regeln beachten. Vergewissern Sie sich, dass Sie die Regeln für den Versand verstehen, damit Sie auf lange Sicht teure Gebühren und Probleme vermeiden können.

  1. Learn about the vehicle shipment rule of the country where you intend to take your car. Usually there are ages and types of vehicles that are allowed to enter a country. In every vehicle shipment there are specific rules to follow, taxes, tariffs and duties that the car owner has to deal with.
  2. Check the requirements for importing and exporting vehicles from the Department of Homeland Security US Customs and Boarder Protection. The agency regulates all the goods, including vehicles taxes and duties.
  3. Be sure to use only a reliable and experienced international mover. Usually professional international movers will handle every aspect of the move and these incudes custom clearances, clearance requirements, accomplishment of different international rule. And since every country has its own shipment rules, reading and understanding these laws will help you reduce any troubles of shipping your Porsche or any other vehicle abroad.
  4. Be sure to only use shipping company that is licensed from the place where you are the ship your vehicle internationally. The website of the Federal Maritime Commission will be able to help you out.
  5. There are so many important things that a vehicle owner has to do to ensure that his vehicle is prepared for international transport. First, the vehicle should not contain potentially hazardous materials and this includes gas and the car battery. You should drain the gas from the engine and disconnect the battery terminals from the battery. There are different rules for preparing a vehicle for transport from one country to another and usually those that have stricter rules are countries that are harder to enter.
  6. Be sure to find out the important documentations that you may need to submit to be able to allow you to transport your vehicle abroad. All sorts of important documentations are needed like the original title or deed and registration.
  7. Rules in shipping a car abroad could change without you knowing and this is not just about local laws but also maritime laws and from the country you are shipping to. Be sure to plan ahead, preferably a month or two, so you won’t overlook any shipping laws and updates.

Although shipping a vehicle abroad may look complicated, the above guidelines ensure that all the important details of shipment are followed so that you can get your car wherever you want it to be. These guidelines also ensure the safety of transporting cars since there is a huge risk of an accident when one transports his car internationally. Logistic companies have years of experience successfully importing and exporting cars and will manage the project from beginning to end and trouble free for those who are intimidated by the process.

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